Supernatural Season 9 Promotional Photos

Can we please talk about the lighting??? The red is bad and the blue is good right? It perfectly describes their characters. Dean is good on top and puts the evil beneath him- defeats it, covers it with his whole being. Just like how he beats himself up about not being good enough all the self hate and doubt. And Sam with the obvious good in him but he can never let go of his evil past. He wants to forget the demon blood and how empty it makes him feel but it’s a part of him- always right behind him. Next is Cas a distinct balance of good and evil. Always thinking he’s doing the right thing- everything he does is “for the best.” Right in the middle of his past and where he stands now. And Crowley, mostly evil with that little spark of good- the spark that makes him human?


But Sam is leaning more toward the red… sounds like a forshadowing of what Zeke’s true intentions are…

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"If you want to end up as Titan shit, I won’t stop you"

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↳ Best Lines from the 104th Training Corps

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